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Brillia Health for Diabetics
While you may already know that common cold and flu medications contain hard-to-pronounce chemicals designed to make symptoms more bearable,... READ MORE
Brillia Health for High & Low Blood Pressure
When the unmistakable signs of a cold or flu hit, it can be tempting to reach for an over-the-counter drug... READ MORE
Beginner’s Guide to Detoxing: How to Detox Your Body Naturally
Our bodies are vulnerable to a number of different toxins in the environment, from the ones lurking in the foods... READ MORE
Best Foods to Cleanse Your Gut
Your gut is home to over 1,000 different species of bacteria, and each one of these microorganisms works independently to... READ MORE
Myths & Misconceptions About Cough Medicines
Millions of Americans use cough medicines every year to help reduce the symptoms of colds. But do cough medicines even... READ MORE
How Certain Foods May Affect Our Sleep Cycle
Prioritizing your zzz’s means being aware of how the choices you make may impact your sleep, especially when it comes... READ MORE
How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizer
With the growing concern about viruses and bacteria, strains resistant to antibiotics, and new mutations without treatment, many people are... READ MORE
Guide to Turmeric: Tips & Health Benefits
Turmeric may be a mainstay in the spices aisle these days, but did you know it has been used for... READ MORE
5 Podcasts to Help Heal Your Mind & Body
Whether you love to listen to podcasts when you exercise, commute to work, or make dinner, chances are you’re always... READ MORE
Ashwagandha: The Many Health Benefits
A revered plant in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha dates back more than 6,000 years as a healing tonic and aphrodisiac. Some... READ MORE
5 Best Health & Wellness Apps 2021
Prioritizing health and wellness will be easier in 2021 thanks to emerging technology. From meditation apps like Headspace to fitness... READ MORE
How To Have a Healthier 2021 Mentally & Physically
New Year's is about examining your lifestyle and considering the mind-body connection. This guide provides definitions and examples for a... READ MORE
Children vs Adult Immune Systems: How They Differ
It’s no secret that children and adults are different in many ways. Children’s brains, bodies and personalities are constantly developing... READ MORE
What Does Homeopathic Actually Mean?
There is some confusion when people use terms like homeopathy. Many people misinterpret the phrase to mean that the therapy... READ MORE
Why Pregnancy Can Lower Your Immunity and How You Can Boost It
If you're already pregnant or trying to conceive, you probably know about the wide-ranging effects carrying a baby can have... READ MORE
Why Good Health Is Your Most Important Investment
If you haven’t prioritized your health in the past, make this year the year you do so. Read on to... READ MORE
How to Stay Physically & Mentally Healthy During the Work Day
If you are like most Americans, you will spend over 90,000 hours and approximately one-third of your life at work... READ MORE
Why Health & Wellness Should Be a Top Priority
People often complain about health concerns, stating their weight is problematic, explaining how they can't do what they used to,... READ MORE
Why Am I Coughing a Lot But Not Getting Sick?
Sometimes a cough is the first sign of the flu or a cold. Other times, you might have a cough... READ MORE
What Your Cough Means: How to Recognize Different Cough Types
Coughing occurs when the body senses an irritant in the respiratory system. The nerves signal the muscles to spasm in... READ MORE
How Immune Health Relates to the Flu Vaccine
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an annual flu vaccine for most people, especially groups at high risk... READ MORE

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