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Why Am I Coughing a Lot But Not Getting Sick?
Sometimes a cough is the first sign of the flu or a cold. Other times, you might have a cough... READ MORE
What Your Cough Means: How to Recognize Different Cough Types
Coughing occurs when the body senses an irritant in the respiratory system. The nerves signal the muscles to spasm in... READ MORE
How Immune Health Relates to the Flu Vaccine
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an annual flu vaccine for most people, especially groups at high risk... READ MORE
How to Keep Children Healthy During Flu Season
Flu season is upon us, and while this time of year is always a time to be hyper-vigilant about germs,... READ MORE
8 Everyday Habits for Healthy, Successful Living
While there are many habits that can be considered “healthy,” some are more likely to lead to success and long-term... READ MORE
Natural Ways to Fight Off Colds This Winter
If you dread the cold and flu season because it seems like you get sick every year, fear not. With... READ MORE
How COVID-19 Could Be Impacting Your Mental Health
While it’s natural to feel stressed, anxious and scared during these uncertain times, learning to cope with those feelings in... READ MORE
Preventing the Flu at Home: Essential Household Items You Should Always Have on Hand
Although you may not be able to avoid the flu altogether, you can do your best to cut it off... READ MORE
Superfoods That May Help Prevent Cold & Flu Symptoms
It’s cold and flu season, and if you want to boost your immune system before illnesses start knocking at your... READ MORE
Immunity-Boosting Supplements To Add To Your Juices & Smoothies
You already know that drinking whole-food juices and smoothies is good for your body, including your immune system. However, did... READ MORE
Healthy Ways to Detox During Flu Season
Flu season is knocking at the door, and the last thing you want to do is answer when your body... READ MORE
Healthy Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin C
The National Institutes of Health share a recommended daily average (RDA) of 90 mg of vitamin C per day for... READ MORE
Staying Hydrated: 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Water
How big of an impact does water really have on your overall physical and mental well-being? To fully comprehend water’s... READ MORE
How to Strengthen Your Immune System While Working From Home
As more people find themselves working remotely, it is also becoming increasingly common for individuals to question their work situations.... READ MORE
Cold & Flu Prevention Basics: Your Complete Guide
Cold and flu season is here, and if you haven’t created a strategy for building your immune system and combatting... READ MORE
How to Prepare for a Flight During Flu Season & COVID-19
Crowds, close proximity to others, exposure to new viruses, dirty surfaces, stress and fatigue — which are par for the... READ MORE

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