Common symptoms.
Uncommon relief.
Powered by antibody science, our
over-the-counter medications are unlike
anything else you’ll find for colds, flus,
coughs and seasonal allergies.
Reduces cold-flu, cough severity and durationNo prescription requiredNo harmful side effectsEasy-dissolve tabletsMoney back guarantee

Stay prepared
for flu and allergy season.

A medicine cabinet must-have, take at the first sign of symptoms to keep you and your family protected.


We don’t hide symptoms with chemicals, we target them with science.

These aren’t just the same old active ingredients that other brands use packaged under a new name. Brillia Health is totally free of the agents responsible for disruptive side effects like drowsiness, jitteriness, and dry mouth. Antibody science zeros in on the macromolecules in your system responsible for responding to illness, effectively kicking your immune system into high gear while targeting your illness directly.

Your best defense against colds, flus, coughs and seasonal allergies.

Anna ~ Brillia Health Parent
"The important factor is safety."

Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery is the medicine I’m most confident in and use every time we get sick in my family. It helps us feel better while recovering, and it’s also great at controlling the symptoms.

Dr. Leschenko ~ Pediatrician
"Brillia Health Cough Control provides a comprehensive approach to cough management."

It reduces excitability of cough receptors, exhibits anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. At the same time it lacks the risk of adverse effects typical of centrally acting cough suppressants.

Jaclyn ~ Brillia Health Customer

We started giving our daughter the tablets right away and within 24 hours she was completely symptom free.

Steve ~ Brillia Health Customer
“It works great!”

I had been feeling weakness and drowsy and had a severe runny nose. I started Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery. I was already feeling better that evening. By the next morning, I was feeling much better and my runny nose has stopped.

Aaron ~ Brillia Health Parent
“I’m so thankful and very pleased."

My daughter came down with the flu, with a low-grade fever, nasal congestion and throat irritation. I started her on Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery right away, and just five days later she was a happy child with no signs of being sick.

Monica ~ Brillia Health Customer
"It's all I needed. No other cough suppressants."

I had a lingering cough and realized it was from a postnasal drip. Brillia Health Cough Control reduced my coughs by controlling the postnasal drip. 

Morgan - College Student
Honestly, I feel so much better!

I really felt like my congestion, the runny nose all of that go away, even the mild body aches that I had were gone. I feel recharged, ready to go, ready to take on my finals as a college student.

Karmen ~ Brillia Health Parent
"My son is happily back to his routine."

My son was complaining of weakness, had a low-grade fever, sore throat and nasal congestion. I started him on Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery immediately and on the following day he was 70% recovered. 

Dr. Vyacheslavovna ~ Pulmonologist
"Well established as a one man army in the treatment of viral infections."

The targeted ingredients in Brillia Health’s Cold-Flu Recovery possess triple action, i.e. it is a potent antiviral, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory product allowing to decrease the number of drugs prescribed. It has a very high safety profile.

Elena ~ Brillia Health Parent
"This is my new go to medication."

My 7-year old had a dry cough that was keeping her up at night. I started her on the Brillia Health Cough Control tablets and it calmed her cough right away. It also helped reduce the congestion in her chest.

Emma ~ Brillia Health Parent
"It works without fail, every time."

We have a big family, and some younger kids who are always bringing germs home. Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery has become one of my favorite medications! One medication helps as an antiviral product which helps also as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. 

Dr. Leschenko ~ Pediatrician
"No adverse effects."

Pediatricians recommend Brillia Health Cough Control due to its expressed anti-inflammatory effect. It is especially valued by the pediatricians due to lack of adverse effects.


Evidence-based science grounded in wellness.


• Increases the body’s natural immune response
• Reduces sinus pressure, inflammation and congestion 
• Fights against Influenza, upper respiratory infections
• Similar anti-viral effects as prescription flu treatments
• Minimizes fluid build up, congestion and risk of secondary infections 
• Relieves itchy-sore throat and stuffy-runny nose
• Soothes headaches, body aches, joint pain and fatigue
• No contraindications or harmful side effects


• Cough suppressant, decongestant, antihistamine
• Minimizes wet and dry cough
• Calms coughing to reduce irritation
• Eases chest tightness, airway irritation, inflammation
• Relieves itchy-sore throat and muscle soreness
• Minimizes fluid build up, congestion and risk of secondary infections
• No contraindications or harmful side effects

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