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How To Get The Best Results & Quickest Relief from Cold & Flu Symptoms With Brillia Health
 Homeopathic medication like Brillia Health offers a ground-breaking approach to reducing cold and flu symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throat,... READ MORE
Signs Your Immune System May Be Weakened & How To Support It
As smart as your immune system may be at keeping your body healthy, there are certain infections, chemicals, and lifestyle... READ MORE
Top Cough Suppressants for Dry & Wet Coughs
 Whether you have a wet cough that raises phlegm from the lower respiratory tract, or a dry hacking cough without... READ MORE
Buying Guide: Best Over the Counter Flu Medicines & Remedies
Despite their benefits, there are also some dangerous side effects associated with prescription antiviral drugs.  When you’re sick with the... READ MORE
5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Summer Travel
"Our gut microbiome, which is highly influenced by our eating habits, plays a fundamental role in the function of the... READ MORE
2022 Summer Colds Guide: Prevention, Symptoms & The Best Treatments
"In winter and spring, the culprit is typically the rhinovirus, which thrives in cool temperatures" Most people catch the common... READ MORE
Common Summer Allergies & How To Find Relief
Explore summer allergy symptoms and find out how to get relief, from using air filters to trying Brillia Health’s products.... READ MORE
8 Reasons You May Keep Getting Sick After Cold & Flu Season and What to do About it
"According to the CDC, when a community is educated on how to properly wash their hands, there is a 16-21... READ MORE
Brillia Health Cough Control vs Cold-Flu: What are the Differences?
"Clinical studies show that Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery works better and faster than Tamiflu" Scanning the various types of cold and... READ MORE
When To Choose Brillia Health for Allergies: Benefits & How It Works
"Brillia Health products...specifically target histamines and reduces their ability to cause inflammation, the main culprit of allergy symptoms" For eight percent... READ MORE
Prepare for Spring Allergies: Common Causes & Ways To Relieve Symptoms
"Choosing a homeopathic alternative like Brillia Health products allows you to relieve allergy symptoms before they start in the most gentle... READ MORE
Top Homeopathic Remedies For Allergy & Sinus Relief
"60 percent of allergy sufferers perceive symptoms as severe enough to use medicine" When you are suffering from seasonal allergies and... READ MORE
How Staying Inside Affects Your Immune System
"When we do not have enough vitamin D, we develop a number of health conditions" According to the EPA, Americans... READ MORE
Flu Season 2022: Preparation, Predictions & Other Factors
"The best defense against getting sick is being proactive with preventive steps." ‘Tis the season for cooler weather, ball games,,... READ MORE
Sleep, Your Immune System & Flu Season
"Getting the recommended amount of sleep will help to keep the immune system balanced with a robust amount of innate... READ MORE
How Long Should Nasal Congestion Last
"Some surveys show that one in four Americans with nasal congestion experience symptoms every day, with 85 percent reporting that the condition negatively... READ MORE
How To Treat Nasal Congestion & Sinus Pressure at Home
"The homeopathic medication consists of antibodies specifically targeted to the source of symptoms, which work with your body to help... READ MORE
Brillia Health vs Robitussin®
"Brillia Health products have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of illness, making it a unique choice among other OTC cold,... READ MORE
Before You Buy Children's Cold Medicines - Your Complete Guide to Buying Children's Cold Medicine Online
"Unlike antihistamines, many decongestants have the opposite effect to drowsiness and lead kids to feel jittery while also potentially causing... READ MORE
Herbs That Support Lung & Respiratory Health
- "Whether you are someone who struggles with chronic respiratory issues...restorative herbs will bring a tremendous amount of relief in... READ MORE
The Basics of Postnasal Drip
 “Allergies, viral infections like the common cold, sinus infections, and even irritants in the air can all contribute to postnasal drip.”  If... READ MORE

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