“I could do all the things I needed to do while also getting better.”

Colette - Verified Buyer

I picked up their products...just to have in the house to be precautious. About a month ago I got pretty sick. I started taking their products and within the next day I was feeling so much better...while not experiencing any side effects.


“We tried something different this time…and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed.”

Aaron - Verified Buyer

We didn’t want to take the typical over the counter medications…they tend to make us kinda drowsy and just feel awful. We recovered faster, and we also felt better while we were still sick.


“With Brillia Health…it went right to the source.”

Alvera - Verified Buyer

I woke up…with typical symptoms of what’s coming when we’re going to get a cold. I started taking the medication that same morning and by the next morning it was as if nothing had ever happened.


“I started Brillia Health immediately…I felt the effects within an hour.”

Kelli - Verified Buyer

My son came back with a cold, then my older son got it, and then I got the cold. It dried me up. It acts almost like an antihistamine. This was an amazing natural way.


“This is such a great thing to have in our medicine cabinet for the cold & flu season.”

Jaclyn - Verified Buyer

My youngest daughter came down with minor old symptoms…we started giving her the tablets right away and within 24 hours she was completely symptom free.


“I really felt like my congestion, the runny nose, all of that go away.”

Morgan - Verified Buyer

I’ve been taking Brillia Health…and honestly I feel so much better. I feel recharged, ready-to-go, ready to take on my finals as a college student.


“I feel like I’ve fought this naturally, which was my goal.”

Andrew - Verified Buyer

It’s basically 80% to 90% fully gone…my health feels great…definitely no antibiotics. I’m super happy about that.

Common Symptoms. Uncommon Relief.
Nickie P. – Verified Buyer
Cough Control
“Excellent cough supplement.”

My son had a dry cough. I immediately gave him this and it went away within 3 days. I will definitely keep this in the medicine cabinet this winter season.

Monica – Verified Buyer
Cough Control
“It reduced my coughs by controlling the postnasal drip. It’s all I needed. No other cough suppressants.”
Hazel G. – Verified Buyer
Cough Control

I was experiencing a really bad strong cough try over the counter medication and no luck decided to purchase cough control pills and after a few days I was able to sleep. (It’s worth the money.)

Monica C. – Verified Buyer
Cough Control
“100% recommended it.”

I tried everything over the counter cough medicine there is and nothing helped, Brillia Health worked almost immediately! I’m glad I found this product.

Aaron – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
“I’m so thankful and very pleased.”

My daughter came down with the flu, with a low-grade fever, nasal congestion and throat irritation. I started her on Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery right away, and just five days later she was a happy child with no signs of being sick.

Neda – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
“I had severe symptoms of flu. I tried Brillia Health. It saved my life.”
Emma – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
“It works without fail, every time.”

We have a big family, and some younger kids who are always bringing germs home. Cold-Flu Recovery has become one of my favorite medications! Helps as an antiviral product...also as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects.

Aaron – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
“I had COVID recently. After the second day of Brillia Health I finally felt some relief.”

I’ve also had terrible allergies and nothing has ever helped clear up my congestion like this cold- flu. If you're on the fence, just try it.

Elena – Verified Buyer
Cough Control
“This is my new go to medication.”

My 7-year-old had a dry cough that was keeping her up at night. I started her on the Brillia Health Cough Control tablets and it calmed her cough right away. It helped reduce the congestion in her chest.

Dr. Leschenko – Pediatrician
Cough Control
“No adverse effects.”

Pediatricians recommend Brillia Health Cough Control due to its expressed anti-inflammatory effect. It is especially valued by the pediatricians due to lack of adverse effects.

Karmen – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
“My son is happily back to his routine.”

My son was complaining of weakness, had a low-grade fever, sore throat and nasal congestion. I started him on Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery immediately and on the following day he was 70% recovered.

Steve – Verified Buyer
Cold-Flu Recovery
”It works great.”

I had been feeling weakness and drowsy and had a severe runny nose. I started Cold-Flu Recovery. I was already feeling better that evening. By the next morning, I was feeling much better and my runny nose has stopped.

Q:How old do I have to be to take Brillia Health products?

A:Brillia Health products are recommended to both adults and children, starting as young as one year old (Cold-Flu Recovery) and three years old (Cough Control).

Q:How quickly does Brillia Health work?

A:Brillia Health can show results as early as one day after taking the first tablet

Q:Can I take Brillia Health products with other medications or supplements?

A:Yes! Brillia Health products are extremely targeted and as a result, do not have any contraindications with other medications or supplements.

Q:Do Brillia Health products have any side effects?

A:Brillia Health Products have no harmful side effects, with even greater efficacy than many pharmaceutical drugs.

Q:What are Brillia Health tablets like?

A:Brillia Health tablets are small, white easy-dissolve tablets without any added flavors, sugars or colors. They are very child friendly and do not have a bad flavor.

Q:Are Brillia Health products regulated by the FDA?

A:Yes. Homeopathic drugs are required to provide substantive documentation with clinical studies supporting the claims that the product makes, abide by FDA standards and regulations, and go through proper registration process.
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