Brillia Health reduces the severity
and duration of your cold-flu or cough.


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To refer friends & family through our Rewards Program, share your custom link via email, sms, or social media and get discounts when they shop! For every person you refer who places their first order through your referral link, they’ll get a coupon code for 20% off (before shipping and taxes), and you’ll get a 20% off coupon to apply on your next order. Only one coupon per order.

You can share your link from this page! First, log into your Brillia Health account above. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here. Then, scroll down to the Refer Friends & Family section on this page. Follow the directions to share your referral link via email, text or social media – that’s it!

Please note: in the spirit of the program, self-referrals are not allowed; referred friends must be a first-time customer; restrictions apply, see Terms of Service here for details.

How friends and family will receive their discount: Click the referral link to receive a unique discount code. Copy the discount code that pops up when the page loads. Then, apply that discount in the cart to get your 20% off discount.

How you will receive your discount: For every referral that completes their first order, you’ll get an email confirming your 20% off reward has been added to your account, which you can check on by logging in here! Once logged in, scroll down to the referral section and click “Your Referrals.”

How to apply your referral reward: On your next order, you can apply your 20% off coupon on the cart page where it says “discount code”.

Please note: we cannot retroactively apply referral discounts to previous orders.

Per our terms, only one discount is applicable per order so you will not be able to apply your referral discount with another discount code.

Login to the rewards program by clicking login button at top of this page. Scroll down to the “Refer Friends & Family” section, and click the button “Your Referrals.” If you have sent referrals, you will see a list of whether the referral was completed or pending. If a referral was completed, this means the friend successfully purchased an item using your referral link, and you’ll receive a 20% off coupon via email.

Unfortunately, we can’t track referrals back to your account if they didn't use your referral link. Always make sure your referral clicks your link from email, text or social media, and copies the code displayed, adds Brillia Health product to cart and applies coupon at checkout. You will then get credit for this referral.

20% off a first-time order when purchasing through referral link. Referral offer valid for new customers only. Referral rewards will be delivered to your account email address as a discount coupon code for every eligible referral with a successful purchase. Restrictions apply, see FAQs for details.

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