Safe & Impactful

Chemical-free formulations that are your
best protection against the flu and seasonal allergies.

Brillia Health stands apart from prescription medications with unique active ingredients
and proven results. Our easy-to-take tablets are safe for all ages. With the ability to increase 
your body’s immune response, take at the first signs to protect yourself early.

Reduces cold-flu, cough severity and duration

Brillia Health products are specifically formulated to target common symptoms of cold-flu and coughs for an improved recovery. Our science-based formulations are safe and impactful for you and your family.

No prescription required

In fact, no official diagnosis is required. Anyone displaying these common symptoms can benefit from our over-the-counter products. Hassle-free orders are easily placed online and delivered to your doorstep.

No harmful side effects

Brillia Health’s breakthrough antibody science help you heal faster — without unnecessary ingredients, contraindications, or any of the typical drug side effects, so you don’t have to feel worse while your body gets better.

Easy-dissolve tablets

Our team of scientists chose a delivery system that is simple and effective for everyone. Brillia Health tablets dissolve easily in the mouth. They have no added flavor, color or sugars.

Money back guarantee

Scientific outcomes supported by studies prove our products will do in practice what we promise on the box. It says parents, children and adults can trust us. And if there’s any reason that you’re not satisfied with Brillia Health products, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

No detail is overlooked. Brillia Health medications are produced with quality standards.

Feel good about feeling better.