Brillia Health Cough Control vs Cold-Flu: What are the Differences?

"Clinical studies show that Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery works better and faster than Tamiflu"

Scanning the various types of cold and flu medications at your local pharmacy or grocery store can be daunting. Do you choose a cough suppressant or expectorant? Acetaminophen or an NSAID? And what are all these chemicals anyway?  

Brillia Health offers two distinct formulations to treat a range of cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. Both products, Cough Control and Cold-Flu Recovery use antibodies in lieu of harsh chemicals found in other OTC medications to ease symptoms like stuffy nose, body aches, throat pain, chest congestion, and coughing without making you drowsy, dizzy, or giving you an upset stomach. 

To help you decide which product is right for you, or when you should use them together, explore how these antibody ingredients work with your body to reduce illness duration and severity in the most gentle and efficient way possible. 

Brillia Health Cough Control  

Brillia Health Cough Control can help ease both wet and dry coughs brought on by a cold, flu, allergies, postnasal drip, and more. The product can also relieve the overall stress that coughing places on the body, help reduce chest tightness, and is clinically proven to shorten the duration of your cough. This active ingredient also consequently helps minimize the chances of secondary infections, like bronchitis or pneumonia. 

Here are how the active ingredients in Cough Control work:  

  • Lapine Histamine immune globulin: This antibody targets and binds to histamines, molecules associated with the immune system that trigger inflammation. Once bound, this active ingredient stops them from instigating symptoms like congestion, runny nose, and stuffy nose.
  • Lapine Bradykinin immune globulin: Functioning as an antitussive, also known as a cough suppressant, this antibody prevents the protein bradykinin from inducing cough and inflammation.
  • Lapine Morphine immune globulin: Not to be confused with the powerful narcotic drug morphine, this antibody gently prevents pain signals from being sent to the brain, helping to reduce sore throat pain, coughing irritation, and the toll that coughing takes on the body.

Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery

Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery offers fast multi-symptom relief for stuffy nose, throat pain, cough, and body aches brought on by a cold, flu, or allergies. The product also increases the body’s immune response to shorten the duration of your cold or flu.

Here are how the active ingredients in Cold-Flu Recovery work: 

  • Lapine Histamine immune globulin: Like in Cough Control, this antibody targets and binds to histamines to reduce their activity. This eases inflammation and symptoms associated with viral infections like runny nose, sore throat, and fluid buildup
  • Lapine CD4 immune globulin: This antibody strengthens immune cells so they can fight off infections faster and more effectively.
  • Lapine interferon gamma immune globulin: This antibody recruits more immune cells to more efficiently fight against the infection and thus shorten the duration and severity of illness. 

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How to Tell Which to Take

Though both Brillia Health products offer multi-symptom relief, Cough Control is highly recommended for wet and dry coughs because it contains an active ingredient that acts as an antitussive to calm the coughing reflex. However, if coughing is not your main concern, and you require relief for a wider range of cold, flu, or allergy symptoms like sore, itchy throat, nasal congestion, and body aches, Cold-Flu Recovery is a better choice. The two products can also be taken together to help you recover faster when a variety of symptoms are present. In fact, there are special bundle pricing options available if you’d like to use both products.

Please note that Cold-Flu Recovery can be taken by children 1 and up, while Cough Control is approved for children 3 and up.

Brillia Health vs. Other Medications 

Many leading drugs for colds, flus, and allergies contain harsh, synthetic chemicals linked to bothersome side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, and more. Instead of working with your body’s immune system to minimize symptoms and aid recovery, these drugs fight against your body’s response and merely mask symptoms, dampening your system until you finally pull through. Even worse, there is evidence that some cold and flu medications and antihistamines can be dangerous, causing convulsions and rapid heart rates, especially in children and people with other health issues, like high blood pressure.1 Some popular ingredients used in cold and flu medications like dextromethorphan can cause vomiting and stomach pain, and if the recommended dose is exceeded, users can experience vomiting, difficulty breathing, and coma.2 Cough and cold medications are also commonly abused by kids and teens, leading to sensations similar to ketamine and PCP.3

Brillia Health products contain antibody ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, which work with your body to not produce the symptoms without affecting any other systems in the body. While some cold and flu medications should be avoided by people with liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, or diabetes, or those taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) or blood-thinning drugs, Brillia Health products have no contradictions and are not associated with any harmful interactions with other medications. Brillia Health products are so gentle and safe, they do not require a prescription and can even be taken by children.  

Clinical studies show that Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery works better and faster than Tamiflu (the most commonly prescribed medication for the flu) and Cough Control works better than codeine (a narcotic that is included in prescription cough medications). So whether you are dealing with a cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, Brillia Health will help you fight off illness and recover quickly in the healthiest way possible.

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