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Why Pregnancy Can Lower Your Immunity and How You Can Boost It
Researchers theorize that aspects of the immune response decrease to prevent the body from treating the fetus as a foreign... READ MORE
Why Good Health Is Your Most Important Investment
If you haven’t prioritized your health in the past, make this year the year you do so. Read on to... READ MORE
Why Am I Coughing a Lot But Not Getting Sick?
"Doctors define chronic cough as a dry, ongoing cough that lasts for longer than four weeks in children and eight... READ MORE
What Your Cough Means: How to Recognize Different Cough Types
"Left untreated, serious coughs are especially dangerous for seniors, infants and individuals who have compromised immune systems" Coughing is a... READ MORE
Superfoods That May Help Prevent Cold & Flu Symptoms
It’s cold and flu season, and if you want to boost your immune system before illnesses start knocking at your... READ MORE
5 Healthy Ways to Detox During Cold & Flu Season
"To determine if your body is being negatively affected by pollutants and toxins, it’s important to listen to your body... READ MORE
Cold & Flu Prevention Basics: Your Complete Guide
Cold and flu season is here, and if you haven’t created a strategy for building your immune system and combatting... READ MORE

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