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Brillia Health: Your best defense against colds, flus, coughs and seasonal allergies.

Dr. Leschenko ~ Pediatrician
"Brillia Health Cough Control provides a comprehensive approach to cough management."

It reduces excitability of cough receptors, exhibits anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. At the same time it lacks the risk of adverse effects typical of centrally acting cough suppressants.

Jaclyn ~ Brillia Health Customer

We started giving our daughter the tablets right away and within 24 hours she was completely symptom free.

Steve ~ Brillia Health Customer
“It works great!”

I had been feeling weakness and drowsy and had a severe runny nose. I started Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery. I was already feeling better that evening. By the next morning, I was feeling much better and my runny nose has stopped.

Anna ~ Brillia Health Parent
"The important factor is safety."

Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery is the medicine I’m most confident in and use every time we get sick in my family. It helps us feel better while recovering and it’s also great at controlling the symptoms.

Feel good about feeling better.