What Does Homeopathic Actually Mean?

Homeopathic medicines provide small doses of substances that may or may not be toxic in larger quantities to elicit a reaction in the body's defenses, potentially bolstering the biological response and aiding in the healing process. 

There is some confusion when people use terms like homeopathy. Many people misinterpret the phrase to mean that the therapy is not backed by science, but that is not always the case. While traditional homeopathic practices may have a basis in folklore or tradition, some companies, like Brillia Health, see the usefulness of combining tradition with a scientific approach. There is nothing wrong with wanting to limit exposure to chemicals and prescription drugs. However, before making any decision, it is necessary to educate yourself about the therapies' terms and practices.

What Does Homeopathy Mean?

The dictionary definition of homeopathy explains the practice as using minute doses of naturally occurring substances to treat a disease, disorder, or affliction. These substances can result in a healthy person possibly exhibiting signs of the ailment.

In essence, homeopathic medicines provide small doses of substances that may or may not be toxic in larger quantities to elicit a reaction in the body's defenses, potentially bolstering the biological response and aiding in the healing process.

Some people get nervous when they understand the definition, but the FDA regulates all legal prescription homeopathic medications and non-prescription homeopathic medications. With the proper mix of homeopathic treatment and, in necessary cases, modern prescription medicines, patients can reduce symptoms and potentially resolve their issues altogether.

While homeopathic treatments may not cure all afflictions, they do have a space in modern therapies. The medical industry is moving away from strictly treating the disease or ailment and now focuses on the patient's overall well-being. Homeopathic medicines can help in these instances, especially when modern treatment is too invasive or aggressive. That said, it is encouraged to learn how and why any type of supplement or medication, whether that be homeopathic or other, works before using them. 

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How Does Homeopathic Medicine Work?

Like cures like; that is the fundamental belief of most homeopaths. For example, people who suffer from allergies may experience watery eyes, itchy skin, rashes, etc. A homeopathic doctor will look at substances that produce similar symptoms in healthy people, like red onions, poison ivy, arnica, bees, and white arsenic. Using small amounts of these materials, the homeopath will create a tonic or medicine, diluting the substances with alcohol or water. While research is divided on some homeopathic treatments' effectiveness, many people and medical professionals believe in the benefits of such therapies, especially for mild ailments or in combination with modern medications.

Why Brillia Health?

When it comes to standard conditions, like the cold and flu, many people are reluctant to ingest chemicals, especially with the frequency of infections and the lack of immunity. Brillia Health provides chemical-free formulations that are proven effective against typical cold and flu symptoms, like coughing.

The unique active ingredients are shown to reduce the duration of typical colds, cases of the flu, and coughs. Unlike other OTC and prescription medications that include chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients that dull your symptoms and leave you feeling drowsy, jittery and not like yourself, Brillia Health’s breakthrough antibody science uses active ingredients that precisely target the source of your symptoms to help you feel good while you get better.

What Makes Brillia Health Homeopathic?

The science behind Brillia Health shows an evolution between homeopathic and science-based methodologies. Instead of focusing purely on the uses of substances outside of the body,  our active ingredients precisely target the macromolecules in your system that help respond to illnesses, kicking your immune system into gear and helping your body recover faster.

Traditional drugs include chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients that can cause harmful side effects and contraindications. And even the active ingredients don’t really treat your symptoms, they justmask them and send you groggily back into the world.On the other hand, supplements and vitamins don't carry the same risks, but they might not work at all.With so many options out there, how do you decide what to use when you start to feel sick? With Brillia Health’s advancements in antibody science, you no longer need to choose between medicines that are safe and medicines that are effective.

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