8 Everyday Habits for Healthy, Successful Living

According to a Harvard psychologist, success is not obtained via a direct pursuit. Rather, success is the byproduct of leading a lifestyle characterized by healthy habits and a vision. While there are many habits that can be considered “healthy,” some are more likely to lead to success and long-term health than others. Holistic approaches, for example, naturally work with your body to keep both your  immune system and productivity up without carrying the negative side effects that can interfere with your everyday lifestyle.     

Opt for Balance

Being deeply engaged with any aspect of your life, whether it be your career, children, friends or a hobby, is a great thing if that aspect brings you joy and a sense of purpose. However, if you focus on only one or two areas of your life and neglect others, success will remain ever elusive. This is because lack of balance can have one or several adverse outcomes, including the following:
  • Poor time management
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Poor familial and friendly relationships
  • Poor job performance
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • Guilt
To prevent these outcomes, strive for balance. Be realistic in what you can accomplish in any given day, and prioritize your to-do list based on that. Focus more on your life and not work, and find a career that fits that life. Be proactive and regularly check in with yourself in order to recognize when it’s time to take a step back, rest and reevaluate. 

Practice Meditation

Mental health has a powerful impact on both our physical health and overall well being. Being a holistic approach to wellness, meditation helps you gain clarity and focus for the day ahead and ensures you are headed in the right direction.  Meditation also helps you manage your anxiety and emotions daily and to keep stress at bay. There are wonderful resources out there, such as Brillia’s mindfulness/relaxation pillar, that provide insight on how to get started with meditation and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Take Action & Set Realistic Goals

Ambition is a double-edged sword. You need ambition to keep moving forward but if you are too ambitious, you risk setting goals you are not yet equipped to achieve which can in turn lead to disappointment and derailment to continue to pursue your goals. Recognize your personal limitations and work within them. By setting smaller goals within realistic timelines,  you prevent the perception of failure, which often discourages individuals from trying again.
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Never stop setting goals for yourself, though. As you set goals, take action to accomplish them. Once you feel confident in your ability to perform at a certain level, raise the bar for yourself, and keep doing so.

Take Care of Your Mind & Body

Mind and body health go hand-in-hand. Take care of both through a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep and sufficient rest. Without establishing healthy living habits such as these, you may find it increasingly difficult to perform at optimal levels. However, with the cold and flu season upon us, starting to feel ill can sometimes be inevitable. Make sure to stay in touch with your body’s immunity and if you find yourself getting sick, look into homeopathic cold & flu medicine to help reduce symptoms and recover faster. Chemical free products, such as Brillia Health, work with your body to boost your immunity and provide prescription-results without the negative side effects that often come with medications.

Say “No” More Often

Successful people limit to whom and what they say yes, as they know that many perceived opportunities are actually distracting to their overall vision. Say yes to the obligations that are right for you, making sure you don't overwork yourself and get tangled in a situation you may not feel comfortable with. 

Make Like-Minded Friends

You will need plenty of support, guidance and advice on your road to success, and while you can turn to books, online resources and professionals for each, you will get the most value from those in your life. Surround yourself with positive individuals who support your vision and who have similar aspirations for themselves.

Live in the Present

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For many people, the greatest roadblock to success lies in living in the past or constantly worrying over the future. Doing either prevents you from giving your undivided attention, thereby making it more difficult for you to achieve your goals. Let go of the past, as regrets will only weigh you down. As for the future, plan for it, but give today’s to-do list your full focus. The steps you take today will shape your tomorrow. Lastly, make sure that your goals include all aspects of a healthy life with career, health and relationships included!

Practice Consistency

Ultimately, the key to success comes down to consistency. Habits form when you practice them daily, so while you should always allow for some flexibility in your life, remain firm in your resolve to practice the above habits regularly. By prioritizing wellness and physical health checks on yourself, you are improving your day-to-day life while simultaneously setting yourself up for a positive future.

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